Between The Hours


What is an Oblate?


“An Oblate is a lay or clerical, single or married, person formally associated to a particular monastery. The Oblate seeks to live a life in harmony with the spirit of Saint Benedict as revealed in the Rule of Saint Benedict and its contemporary expression.”

A Benedictine Oblate is one who will:

+ Read, study and adopt the Rule of St. Benedict to his or her unique state of life, following the Rule as closely as personal circumstances and prior commitments permit
+ Pray the Liturgy of the Hours
+ Pray with Lectio Divina (Divine Reading of Scripture)
+ Gather with other Oblates for prayer, camaraderie, and faith sharing
+ Observe silence and/or the spirit of silence whereby God’s voice may be heard
+ Cultivate a relationship with the monastery (monks/nuns) to which they are associated for guidance, prayer, and instruction in living the Rule (where appropriate)

Throughout this blog, we will examine these elements in more detail with reflections by Oblates of Mount Saviour Monastery.

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