Welcome Home

​”It is the silence of eternity that unites the soul with God.” ​Sister Marie Aimee de Jesus The air was chilled; winds bent the branches of the trees carrying the low hanging clouds across a grey sky as his Brother Monks bore Brother Justin along the pathway, to the repeated single toll of the tower … More Welcome Home

Brother Justin OSB

Dear Sister and Brother Oblates of Mount Saviour Monastery, Sadly, on April 4th, our Benedictine brother, Br Justin M. Raphael Young died suddenly. The opening lines of William Couper’s poem reads: “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.” Br. Justin lived his life with the wonder of God as his center and … More Brother Justin OSB

Poetic Obedience

Last week as I was talking about the Call of the First Four Disciples with my second graders, I told them that the thing to note about the story was how quickly and unquestioningly the disciples responded to Jesus’ call. Just as important, I also told them, was to know that all of us are … More Poetic Obedience

Oblate Director News

After several years as Oblate Director,  Brother Gabriel has handed over the reins to Brother Luke.   Before doing so, Brother Gabriel shared a list of Oblate Enrollment for the last few years.  He also shared a link to the AIM newsletter, where one can sign up to receive the newsletter, as it is published.  Both items are included in … More Oblate Director News

Solemn Vows

For Oblates who were not able to be at Mount Saviour this weekend, here are some photos by Brother Luke.   The icy roads meant only a few people were able to be present for Br. Mark’s and Br. Isaiah’s Solemn Vows.   Afterwards there was a simpler celebration than in past times,  while at the same time joyful.   … More Solemn Vows

2022 Greeting

To the Brother Monks and Oblate Community of Mount Saviour Monastery​​ ​ As we begin this New Year 2022 let us seek to live in        HOPE   He who hopes in God trusts God…       Hope is the wedding of two freedoms, human and   divine, in the acceptance of a love that is at once a promise and the beginning of fulfillment.*   Hope seeks not only … More 2022 Greeting

Prologue to a New Year

New Year’s resolutions go back at least to the Romans, who began each year making promises to Janus, the god of transitions, for whom January is named. In these more secular times, the gods displaced, oracles such as the New York Times advise devotees to make resolutions that are “specific” and “measurable”: exactly how many … More Prologue to a New Year

Michael at the Manger

I’m the catechist for the second graders in the Religious Ed. program at my parish, and among my charges this year is a boy named Michael. As with any teacher these days, I’m always on the lookout for—or am informed beforehand of—any students who may have special needs. In this case, the director of the … More Michael at the Manger

Christmas Greetings

A Christmas greeting to our Oblate Community of the Mount Saviour Benedictine Monastery From Oblate Stuart~John                                      ~~~          ‘Little quatrain for Christmas’, by John of the Cross,  which in a few lines he captures simple devotion, … More Christmas Greetings