Located in a rural area on a hill outside Elmira, NY,  Mount Saviour Monastery is a community of monks striving to live a simple, genuine and full monastic life according to the Scriptures and the Rule of St. Benedict.

The monks pray the Liturgy of the Hours seven times a day.  Interspersed with the times of communal prayer are times for personal meditation, reflection, lectio divina and work.  The work includes farming, tending an orchard and garden, along with the everyday tasks such as maintenance, cooking, and laundry.  The monks run a ‘gift shop’ that sells the wool and yarn from sheep raised at the monastery, honey from their own apiary, as well as books, candles, religious articles and more.

In accord with Benedictine tradition and charism, the Monastery offers hospitality in the way of guest houses, to those who wish to set aside time for prayer, contemplation, and spiritual renewal. Retreatants and guests are always welcome at daily Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.

For more information about Mount Saviour Monastery, or for reservations, visit their website  …   http://www.msaviour.org


History of Oblates at Mount Saviour Monastery

Mount Saviour has had Oblates as an extended part of the spiritual family since the beginning.


How can I become an Oblate of Mount Saviour?
It is best to be connected to a monastery that isn’t too far afield from where you live. If there is not a monastery within a day’s drive, you can search for a monastery that appeals to you. Each Benedictine monastery has a slightly different charism (spirit), so you should visit at least a couple and pray about which one seems to fit (where you feel at home).

If you are interested in becoming an Oblate at Mount Saviour, contact Br. Gabriel, our Oblate Director.  There is a period of discernment, where you will come to know the monks in the monastery, and they you.  During this time, pray for God to lead you in doing his will. If you decide with the community that you are called to be an Oblate, you will be accepted as a Novice Oblate for one year and given the Medal of St. Benedict.  After a year’s time as a Novice, you may then make Final Oblation, after which Oblates make yearly renewal of promises.

Oblation literally means “offering to God” as found in scripture and in the Holy Mass referring to the gifts offered for Consecration at the Eucharistic Prayer.


Oblate Retreat

And Jesus said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”        Mk 6:31

Once a year, usually in October, Mount Saviour Oblates from all over the country converge at the Monastery for a weekend of renewal, rest, and reconnection with the monks and with each other. A retreat master comes to lead conferences, and the Oblates generally participate in the Liturgy of the Hours. In addition, Final Oblation and Renewal of Promises take place in a simple yet sublime ritual. Reservations are needed for the retreat. This can be done by sending an email to the Guest brother on the monastery website.

Additional Resources:

Guidelines for Oblates: http://www.osb.org/obl/guidelns.html


Oblates’ Prayer: http://www.osb.org/obl/prayer.html

O Loving God,
 I ask your blessing this day 
on all the Oblates of Saint Benedict 
and those with whom we are affiliated.
Help us to become people 
of prayer and peace.
Though scattered far and wide, 
help us to be together 
in the spirit of your love.
Give us hearts wide enough 
to embrace each other 
as well as those 
whose lives we touch.
   Enable us to listen and to learn 
from each other 
and those around us each day.   
May we be models
 in our homes, neighborhoods, 
and communities 
of wise stewardship, 
dignified human labor,
 sacred leisure, 
and reverence for all living things.
Above all, O God, may our presence 
among others 
be a constant witness of justice,
compassion, and hope to all.                                                                                                       Amen.