Saint Joseph

A simple man and good he watched the sunbegin its slow and winter creep,and wondered at the numbing night now doneand if his wife had caught a bit of sleep.And jumped: was that the baby he just heardor just the gurgle of a waking bird?No, neither bird nor baby would it seem—that voice again, the … More Saint Joseph

Beannacht / Blessing Feast of St Patrick

By Stuart~John A benediction from the late, beloved John O’Donohue, for the consoling embrace of steadiness and clarity in our most difficult moments For Josie, my mother On the day whenthe weight deadenson your shouldersand you stumble,may the clay danceto balance you. And when your eyesfreeze behindthe grey windowand the ghost of lossgets into you,may a … More Beannacht / Blessing Feast of St Patrick

Blessings on the Feast of the Patroness of Benedictine Oblates-St Frances of Rome

Greetings Oblates and Professed Brothers & Sisters, Happy Feast Day!  St Frances of Rome – March 9th Patroness of Benedictine Oblates  Although during Lent, feast days are often subsumed by our Lenten fasting, prayers, works of charity, and our preferential option to serve the anawim of God, I’d like to not forget St. Frances of Rome, … More Blessings on the Feast of the Patroness of Benedictine Oblates-St Frances of Rome

Psalm 31: 21-24

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine has asked for Christians to recite Psalm 31 aloud. (This is only a small piece of it below) Ukraine has a sizable Jewish minority of at least 50,000 people. Historically the Jewish people have faced a lot of persecution under Russian rule.  Psalm 31 21-24 21 Praise be to the … More Psalm 31: 21-24


In Chapter 49 of The Rule. our Holy Father Benedict advises us that “[t]he life of a monk ought to be a continuous Lent. Since few, however, have the strength for this, we urge the entire community during these days of Lent to keep its manner of life most pure and to wash away in … More Lent

Sihon, Og, et al.

Before Vigils each morning I put on the coffee, make my bed, and turn on my laptop. I check my email—answer the urgent, delete the spam—and move on to a news site to see what’s going on in the world. This is probably a mistake. By the time my interior Vigils bell has rung, the … More Sihon, Og, et al.

Saint Scholastica

Today is her Feast Day; a special day for women oblates and all. Who knew that God would listen to her prayer, even though her saintly twin brother, Benedict, would not!


I’m off from work this week. Originally I thought I might make it up to the monastery, first time in two years, but I have an online class on Monday night (archdiocesan certification for catechists), my second graders on Saturday, and I didn’t think a mere two full days would address my pressing spiritual needs. … More Retreat

Poetic Obedience

Last week as I was talking about the Call of the First Four Disciples with my second graders, I told them that the thing to note about the story was how quickly and unquestioningly the disciples responded to Jesus’ call. Just as important, I also told them, was to know that all of us are … More Poetic Obedience