The Great Sabbath Rest

By Alfred DuBois

Hello 0blates, once again I united with the monks of Mount Saviour from my home and the various parish churches that I visit.. Hopefully next year I will be able to attend the Easter vigil, last time it was extremely rewarding and beautifully done. This year, my geographical parish Church has a new pastor, and finally the Church was in darkness until the Gloria, and the cantor chanted the Exultet with reverence and love. I have not seen this in my area for nearly 15 years.

Every year on holy Saturday I read a little 16-page booklet by Father Damasus entitled “The Great Sabbath Rest,” a powerful meditation that while I meditate upon it, each year, I become aware of very deep and powerful insights.

Father Damasus, breaks it down so simply and beautifully into five short meditations: a day of fast, a Day of silence, a day of rest, a day of the woman, and a Day of prayer.. He ends the booklet with eight intercessions and prayers for the family or community, a wonderful meditation..

I highly recommend anyone who can get a copy to read this on holy Saturday and if you do not have a copy, contact me and I will try to take pictures of the booklet and send them to you. “Buona Pasqua” and thank God for Mount Saviour and the holy monks that are on that mountain.

Alfred DuBois

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