Happy Easter!


For the first time in many years,  I watched the Easter sunrise from my window instead of through the chapel windows at Mount Saviour. Sigh…   Still, it was beautiful and felt like a promise of better days to come.

Every year as Lenten season begins, I work with the idea of growth.  The 40 days of Lent happens to be the length of time many teachers and experts tell us is the amount of time to form a new habit, establish a routine, try something new, let go of unnecessary things, or things not meant for us, so that we can embrace who we are, what there is now, and appreciate each day as it comes.

Who knew that when we changed the time forward on our clocks in March, we not only stepped into having to adjust to a new ‘time’,  we  stepped into a new reality?  A time of measuring our actions, what we need, what we use, how we spend time.  We are becoming aware of how much we depend on others, need the company of others. We are learning what makes us happy, how to care for ourselves and others, in new ways. We are discovering what brings us joy. And at the same time, how to heal from grief.

I have titled my painting ‘ Resurrected ‘


I used gold – leaf in the painting as a reminder of all that is precious.  And the painting itself, a reminder that if we want to be resurrected so that we may bloom, flourish, grow, we must first have to let go … be willing to leave the land of familiar and re-enter the forest of the unknown at the darkest point – letting go of our plans for ourselves, so we can make room for today and tomorrow, and embrace the life that is for us


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Eve: Thanks so much for this reflection. We have a theology of suffering, but just not in this way. We have to find new ways to look at our trials and to bear them in a way that can grow grace. Please send my greetings to all you see and stay well.


  2. We have a theology of suffering but maybe just now in this way. We need to find a way to explore our suffering and the suffering of others and of the world. This can and will lead to new grace and understanding and of course to gratitude.

    The painting is gorgeous.


  3. Penny had sent a email about Bro. Antonia but haven’t heard anymore about brother condition, could you inform me?


    1. Br. Antonio is doing well, recovering ahead of schedule is what I hear and well tended to by his brother monks. All are well.


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