Christmas Sermon

By Fr. Michael Perry When you and I make a promise we seal it by saying: I give you my word. That’s why year  after year we celebrate Christmas because year after year – in case we forget or may have forgotten- God reassures us that the Word that was given in the beginning is … More Christmas Sermon

Autumn Day

This clear, fresh afternoon of brilliant fall ,Delights our spirit with new cool air and sun .white clouds above hang quiet and enthrall . There is no wind. We easily go out to run The humming bird does find a fragrant flower;It’s trip so far; we cannot fathom how.The deer, now, finds the corn behind … More Autumn Day

Beannacht / Blessing Feast of St Patrick

By Stuart~John A benediction from the late, beloved John O’Donohue, for the consoling embrace of steadiness and clarity in our most difficult moments For Josie, my mother On the day whenthe weight deadenson your shouldersand you stumble,may the clay danceto balance you. And when your eyesfreeze behindthe grey windowand the ghost of lossgets into you,may a … More Beannacht / Blessing Feast of St Patrick

Psalm 31: 21-24

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine has asked for Christians to recite Psalm 31 aloud. (This is only a small piece of it below) Ukraine has a sizable Jewish minority of at least 50,000 people. Historically the Jewish people have faced a lot of persecution under Russian rule.  Psalm 31 21-24 21 Praise be to the … More Psalm 31: 21-24

Oblate Director News

After several years as Oblate Director,  Brother Gabriel has handed over the reins to Brother Luke.   Before doing so, Brother Gabriel shared a list of Oblate Enrollment for the last few years.  He also shared a link to the AIM newsletter, where one can sign up to receive the newsletter, as it is published.  Both items are included in … More Oblate Director News

Solemn Vows

For Oblates who were not able to be at Mount Saviour this weekend, here are some photos by Brother Luke.   The icy roads meant only a few people were able to be present for Br. Mark’s and Br. Isaiah’s Solemn Vows.   Afterwards there was a simpler celebration than in past times,  while at the same time joyful.   … More Solemn Vows

2022 Greeting

To the Brother Monks and Oblate Community of Mount Saviour Monastery​​ ​ As we begin this New Year 2022 let us seek to live in        HOPE   He who hopes in God trusts God…       Hope is the wedding of two freedoms, human and   divine, in the acceptance of a love that is at once a promise and the beginning of fulfillment.*   Hope seeks not only … More 2022 Greeting