The Homily for the Solemnity of the Dedication of our chapel

– Fr. Michael Perry Because the memory of war was seared in the mind of Reverend Father Damasus and others We became one of the hundreds of churches  around the country And around the world Dedicated to Mary the Queen of Peace Place our church atop the Saviour’s mountain. And you have. What we have: … More The Homily for the Solemnity of the Dedication of our chapel

Brother Francis

From Fr Michael Perry …. God is good! All the time! ….and the goodness of God showed itself last night in the Common Room of the monastery. After First Vespers of the feast of The Body and Blood of Christ the community gathered to give the habit to Brother Cester, the young man from the … More Brother Francis

The New Normal

By Fr Michael Perry There is a “new normal” everywhere, even at Mount Saviour. Chapel doors that used to be open all day for people to come and pray are now locked to keep the virus out.  Guests have been notified not to come and events have been cancelled.  The new normal has left the … More The New Normal

Lambs and Vocations

by Fr Michael Perry I was sitting at the front desk in the Portery reading a review in The New Yorker of the new book about Dorothy Day,  when out of the blue (actually the barn) Br John showed up and asked me if l wanted to see his baby pictures.”This should be interesting”, l … More Lambs and Vocations

Holy Week & Easter

From Fr Michael Perry …. CHRIST IS RISEN ! Well, it may have been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone but it was even quieter here at our monastery, our/us being the oblates Brother John and the brothers decided to take a very hard line in applying the rules of safety in this COVID crisis. … More Holy Week & Easter

Happy Easter!

Resurrected For the first time in many years,  I watched the Easter sunrise from my window instead of through the chapel windows at Mount Saviour. Sigh…   Still, it was beautiful and felt like a promise of better days to come. Every year as Lenten season begins, I work with the idea of growth.  The … More Happy Easter!

The spiritual opportunities of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic

March 13, 2020 The spiritual opportunities of the COVID-19 Coronoavirus pandemic By Mark Kutolowski I write two days after the World Health Organization has declared the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus a global pandemic. News about this virus is dominating national and local media and public events are being cancelled everywhere—from the NBA season … More The spiritual opportunities of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic