Divine Mercy and Doubting Thomas

by Fr. Michael Perry

Two topics, one reflection

Picture this:
The other 10 apostles are gathered together today because there is strength in numbers and the one thing they are strong in is their fear.

Only 10 are gathered today because Thomas didn’t arrive yet and Judas is dead

The 10 are relieved to see Thomas when he finally gets there but they are also a bit peeved because he was missing last week when they all saw the risen Christ; Thomas has been AWOL ever since. He still has not accepted what the others have experienced.

Where Thomas was we will never know but we do know where he is now and that is enough to set the scene for Jesus to show up again

Jesus wanted Thomas also  to experience his resurrection so He goes out of His  way to make Himself the answer to Thomas’  doubt.

That is God’s mercy, the divine mercy: God goes out of His way to make sure we have what we need to believe

But to believe we first have to trust and that trust, which is inspired by God, is, in any way that it is spoken, the result of our recognizing the mercy of God, and the faith it inspires which gets us through moments of doubt and fear.
Just like the apostles and Mary behind the closed doors.

The prayer
“Jesus l trust in you”
Is the hallmark echoed on this feast of the Divine Mercy
And if Jesus had His way it could become the bedrock of our lives

Jesus, my lord and my God, l trust in you
Help my unbelief

6 thoughts on “Divine Mercy and Doubting Thomas

  1. H Fr. Perry,

    Great to hear from you. Are you full time at Mr.Saviour now? I would love to catch up when things open up again.

    Rich Costa



  2. I always thought that Thomas was the only one brave enough to go out and do the grocery shopping for the group since the market was open on the day after the Sabbath.


  3. It is so easy to say ‘I believe’ to blindly say I believe in something, in God’s mercy or to say I want proof before I can say I believe as in Thomas. But to truely believe without proof by faith, ah now that is something else, that is grace, God’s grace. How would I feel if Jesus came to me now and showed me his wounds and had me put my fingers into them as he did with Thomas? Wow, what a moment. Or even just to look at the Risen Christ, to be in his presence! Happy Eastertide Patrick(br. benedict)

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  4. This shows Thomas to be much more than doubting Thomas – a misnomer if there ever was one – but an accepting Thomas who exclaimed: ‘My Lord and my God’.
    When I doubt, which does happen, I will remember this.


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