Oblate Director News

After several years as Oblate Director,  Brother Gabriel has handed over the reins to Brother Luke.   Before doing so, Brother Gabriel shared a list of Oblate Enrollment for the last few years.  He also shared a link to the AIM newsletter, where one can sign up to receive the newsletter, as it is published.  Both items are included in this post. 

All Oblate inquiries should now be directed to Brother Luke.  

A warm Welcome goes out to Brother Luke as Oblate Director and to all of the new Oblates.

OBLATE  ENROLLMENT    2018-20021

Kevin Horan    Novice-Feb.20,2018

                          Oblation: Feb. 20,2019

Rev. Ken Herfst    Novice-19Oct 2019

                          Oblation: 18 Oct.2020

Nicole Steward    Novice-22 Feb,2020

                          Oblation: 10 Oct. 2021

Thomas Argetsinger    Novice 17 Jan. 2019

                          Oblation: I Nov. 2021

John Michael Sullivan    Novice  28 Jan. 2019

                          Oblation: I Nov. 2021

Frances Garrett Crew    Novice, 11March 2020

Ann Andzel    Novice, 8 March 2020

Kathleen Curran   Novice, 19 July 2019

Mary Biroscak Symes    Novice, 30 Sept  2019

Justin Rowan     Novice, 25 Sept. 2021

Patrick F. Peter Lando    Novice, Aug. 29, 2021

 AIM USA newsletter. 


3 thoughts on “Oblate Director News

  1. I am wondering why I am not on the list of new oblates. I’m still a novice but I’m not sure that this should make a difference. I guess I just want my involvement recognized so that I will feel like more of the group. Is it possible to add my name?


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