Autumn Day

This clear, fresh afternoon of brilliant fall ,
Delights our spirit with new cool air and sun .
white clouds above hang quiet and enthrall .

There is no wind. We easily go out to run

The humming bird does find a fragrant flower;
It’s trip so far; we cannot fathom how.
The deer, now, finds the corn behind the wagon.
No engine shears the golden harvest flow.
Oh could we live this very day
For months and…days… forever,
To savour all these moments, savour as we might
Our rich full sense of peace and calm and light.
But, today, we know, is not Our day to hold.
The Lord in Love, gifts us HIS day to share
For us to roam and sing and tread the rocky way
And homeward bound to take His time to pray.
But, in HIS time, these days must gently go.


by An Oblate of Mount Saviour 2022

2 thoughts on “Autumn Day

  1. But, in HIS time, these days must gently go.
    For some autumn is but a precursor to winter’s ice and snow and freezing cold. This poem shows the quiet and gentle side we take the time to fully enjoy what is still flowering, and what is now sleeping until the spring

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