Lambs and Vocations

by Fr Michael Perry

I was sitting at the front desk in the Portery reading a review in The New Yorker of the new book about Dorothy Day,  when out of the blue (actually the barn) Br John showed up and asked me if l wanted to see his baby pictures.”This should be interesting”, l thought.   And then he showed me two photos of twins, the first lambs to be born this season.  With lots more to come.
By the way, did you know that most often when ewes give birth it’s to twins?  And, did you know, that ewes and their lambs can find eachother even in a huge flock, by the sound of their BAA.? (Jesus used,this as part of His preaching)

There were three inches of snow covering everything on the morning of Divine Mercy Sunday but Doubting Thomas saw it all melt in tthe course of the day so that by Vespers all the snow was gone. Melted !
Would that snow and rain could wash away the corona virus. Or the sun burn or bleach it away.  Would that all the pain and fear be lifted like the fog that some times surrounds our hill, Mount Saviour.

And would that our chapel be filled with new brothers.  When was the last time you took your holy card with the picture of Our Lady in the crypt and turned it over to pray the prayer for vocations to our monastery?  When was the last time you prayed for our brothers who pray for us every day ?

As of this writing Brother John now has 23 baby pictures to show, from 12 mothers. Brother Pierre is the mid-husband and as he and Brother Bruno guide the flock from one field to another.  You can’t help but think of the Good Shepherd. May the flock both these shepherds increase.  And as my Jewish friends say,
“From your lips to God’s ears”

Fr Michael Perry

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