Work and the Glory of God

by Alfred Dubois

Work, Study and Prayer – Essential for a Benedictine monk or oblate.  During the decline in Rome,  Saint Benedict saw the need for Work-in a society that was ravaged by decadence, despair and sin.  In today’s world, we do not have a Saint Benedict so we depend on the “media” for our guidance.. The Institutional Church has abandoned us -the Shepherds have scattered…. They have placed us in a “caste” system – Essential workers and non-essential workers.. No Christian should except that terminology – there are no non-essential workers all work and workers are for the Glory of God. As we continue waiting to be set-free (which may never come) I continue to hear the words so simply yet prophetically put by Father Martin:

Reflections of the Prior – It was the role of St. Paul and ours too: To assert in the face of unchanging infidelity and universal forgetfulness, the reality of a presence that nothing can destroy and whose infinite mercy no treachery can extinguish. That is, or course, God and God’s love for us and especially manifested in the gift of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.. In Xto, – Fr. Martin

Alfred Dubois

One thought on “Work and the Glory of God

  1. Excellent post….and I sometimes feel that the institutional church has abandoned us…especially women. With that said….I love Mother Church and will continue to labor as an “essential worker,” praying that my efforts will produce good fruit and an more inclusive environment for all. I may not see it in my lifetime, but then again….nothing is impossible with God, right? Ann Andzel


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