Oblate News

Received from Fr. Michael Perry…

Men’s monastery that it is, Mount Saviour has a long history of welcoming women as oblates.  Some stay very involved and close to “home”  and others make their oblation and move on.

Two of our sister oblates died recently; each of them written up with a half page obituary in The New York Times.

JEAN VALENTINE came to know the monastery through her good friend and fellow poet, Sarah / Sally Appleton.  Jean died this past December 29
If you google her name you will see her long list of literary accomplishments.  What you will not see is her faith , nor any mention of her very personal oblation. 
But you will see the impact of Catholic Social teaching and faith put into action in the Times obituary for our oblate sister MARGARET SNYDER, better known as PEG. Her Benedictine thinking as an oblate worked its way into her life throughout her life.
Rather than copy what the Obituaries have written you may want to google both of them and pray for these sisters of ours.

Fr. Michael Perry

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