Our Tabor is also transfigured

By Fr. Michael Perry

It doesn’t take a great stretch of imagination to see the story of Jesus previewed in the story of Abraham and Isaac 

An obedient Son 

 Obedient unto death,  even death on the wood he has carried.

 Like Jesus, obedient to His Father.

To die on the cross that He carried.

 To the hill of the sacrifice of His own life.

There is a happy ending to the account of Abraham and Isaac, and ultimately, but not immediately, there is a happy ending for Jesus also.

That’s why Jesus takes Peter James and John up Mount Tabor and shows them the end even before the beginning began.

Do everything you can to image in your mind what Peter James and John saw with your own eyes on the other mountain, Calvary.

The hours of torture

The ignominy of abuse

The terrible abasement  of Jesus

The sacrifice of the Lamb

Thank God those three had the transfiguration to remember.

And if you and I follow our Lord through Lent

Thank God we too know that the story ends in glory.

What Jesus did for the three apostles the church does for us to help us remember in the darkness what we have seen in the light

The transfiguration is radiant light

Good Friday it’s total darkness

But we always have hope because we have faith.

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